Grinna Fyr ( Grinna Lighthouse) is located about 8 nautical miles southwest off the shore from the fisher-village Rørvik, Vikna municipality, at the middle of Norway.The lighthouse has been unmanned since 1987, and it celebrated it’s centenary in 2004.

The artwork consists of two videos, projected on walls opposite each other. The first video is an animated version of the lighthouse. This video is made with 3D animation software, and photos of the real lighthouse are superimposed on the surface of the 3D forms. This gives a very lifelike effect. The camera circulates slowly around the lighthouse. The other video is an animated 360 degrees panorama-photo. The panorama are shot from the rooftop of the lighthouse. The camera is slowly turning around its own center, showing the surrounding landscape as an infinite panorama.The sound track is made out of sound recorded from the windmills at the mainland. The recordings are manipulated to simulate the sound of the wind at the ocean. The sound is made as surround format, and will change depending on where the viewer is in the room. Both the videos and the sound run in 4 min. loops. Our identity needs some constant factors. In times when everyone got a feeling that ‘everything is changing, all the time’, it is good to know that somethings is always the same, always there