Who cares what the future brings….

At the core of all my artistic practice is an interest for the ever complex relationships between humanity, nature and technology. Mans long-lasting attempt to gain control over nature through use of technology has left us with a view of nature as a cultural construction. Nature is there to be deconstructed and exploited. On the other hand technology is about to get out of our control. This changes our notion on nature, and how we look at technology. Technology has become the new nature. Technology as wild, uncontrollable, fascinating, scary, evolving, growing, living.

Through hands-on experience’s I am exploring emerging technology, focusing on technologies of representation. In my work I am using 3d-scanning, digital fabrication and computational approaches to make artifacts, both physical and digital. As a method I like to create a friction between different levels of reality, so I often play with blurring and mixing the physical and virtual. My aim is to reveal and debate the far-reaching potential of these new technologies.

I get my inspiration from popular science, technological innovations, archeology, history, deep ecology amongst others. This is the material I like to reflect on. I see the natural sciences as a cultural factor on the same level as the humanities. If not even more these days as it is becoming more and more clear that technology is the factor that influences and changes our lives and societies most of all. And the language of science is becoming a globale language by which this technology is supposed to be understood. This situation calls for alternative languages, alternative views and alternative approaches to technology. Complexity, diversity and disorder is my everlasting mantra. And art is my space to deal with this issues.

 So; why bother? To raise optimism, a sense of adventure, and the faith that we have a future.


Contact: trine dot wester at online dot no