A Journey to the center of the earth.

interacvtive videoinstallation

This work from 2003 is inspired by the novel ” A journey to the center of the earth” by the french writer Jules Verne, first published in Paris 1864.

The installation consist of 8 video monitors in different sizes. On the monitors runs about 200 different animations, all in between 1 sec to 1 minute length. Which video is seen where and when , is defined by the general sound level in the exhibition space. The louder the sound-level is, the more complex the content of the video gets, the more vivid the colors become, and the shorter the clip length is. All animations is composed of 3D animations, digital photos, video and time-lapse techniques. All together the installation gives a poetic journey through external and internal landscapes. In a society where more and more of our movements and surroundings are beeing controllable and recorded, I like to hail the final frontier of privacy: the private inner world of the individual imagination. The subjective state of consciousness.