Remembrance of places past

Video-installation with  surround sound

The cave of Fingal is located in Nærøy municipality, in the middle of Norway. The cave is unique in Northern Europe,  with about 47 cave paintings dated back to about 1500-2000 years b.c. The cave is about 100 meters long, 15-meters wide, and 20 meters to the roof. Archeological research states that the cave has  not been used as a space for living, but solely for ritual purposes. I have been in the cave and shot about 250 photos, which is digitally blended into one total image of the space. This image is animated, so when the audience sees it, it’s like the image is projected inside a big sphere. This is the first time ever the cave is seen totally lit. The image rotates in a infinite loop, unless someone in the audience like to navigate with the joystick. It is possible to navigate around, zoom in to see details, and to zoom out to get at total picture.  I also have made a 12 minute surround sound track for the installation.  There is a saying that to understand the future, one has to understand the past. We have all been down the deep cave. Even if the mind has forgot, the body has not.