Latest update: 

March 2013 we got our 3. refusal on the research application for the Learning to Eat Bugs project. The art institutions anxiety for technology has stiked another time. Even if all 3 external experts has rated the application worthy off support, the committee has not. Read details on the project here.

May 2012

Although it seems as there has been a while since the last posting on this project, that is not so! All development on the project is moved to a separate site:

The project has now managed to get some research funding, starting august 2012. Within a 3 month period we will develop some technical solution, refine our artistic consept  and based on these experiences write a extencive application for more funding.  The main goal is now to make a ARTMACHINE. A machine that makes it’s own art.

April 2011

Our MakerBot is ready, and we have already started to plan next step. We are now applying for some research funding, for building a “voxel-crawler” which will print in different materials, and in large scale. Or more precise: to build a robot that generates solid objects in large scale. The exact material and building method are not yet decided. We need to work some more on the concept, and then make some decisions. It can be mobile, it can be run by varying parameters like sound, temperature, gesture and so on. It can “print” clusters of matter, it can “print” tubes or cubes! Comments and suggestions are welcome:)

October 2010:

Finally, the Makerbot is about to be ready! It has been  quite a bumpy ride so far…Still some problems with the extruder, but hopefully we´ll get there very soon now.

The Makerbot will be on display during the opening show at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in November 2010.

January 2010

Right now I am working on a project related to Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing together with artist Trond Mikkelsen. We are during spring 2010 building our own manufacturing machine. Later  we will arrange a workshop where we will hack the machine, to  see if we can use other materials, and perhaps expand the build area.. If you are interested to join this, check our temporary websites, and contact us!